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Three poems‘The World is a Mill’ (O mundo é um moinho) / ‘All Day Long I Feel the Tide Rocking’ / ‘Pink Roses’ after The Geary Club and The Edinburgh Castle (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2020)

An essay called
‘On Entertainment:
The Lassitude of D.H.L.’s Dead Novel’
(Bloomsbury, 2018)

A catalogue essay/calligram/A1 print called ‘Finding a Fay Wray for Every King Kong’ ... for a solo show of works by
Jason Shulman (Cob Gallery, London, 2018)

An excerpt from a monologue called ‘I’m Looking for a Model for a Novel
(called Public Domain)’
(Morbid Books, 2017)

NEXUS—Three essays in three volumes called ‘The Reverse of Don Quixote’ (Vol. xi) / ‘Wild Rabbit’ (Vol. x) / ‘The Cosmological Eye & the River Through’ (Vol. ix) (2012-2016)

(Paper) Hotel / Editor

Hotel #5 (2019)

Hotel #3 (2017)

Hotel #1 (2016)

Hotel #6 (2020)

Hotel #4 (2018)

Hotel #2 (2016)

25 Rooms
w/ Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2020)

New Texts & New Translations

w/ Les Fugitives, 2020

(Other) Editor

Editor and Afterword (2019)

Editor (w/ Mark Kozelek)