¶ ‘Miss Information’ (Auto Italia, 2014)†

—An excerpt from a collectivised, co-authored monologue for an imagined character to be broadcast during the opening hours of an exhibition of a total art in pieces.

I am a series of events and statements. I am happy. I am sad. I am hungry. I have taken pictures of my food before it feels like food. I have read the right books, and just enough of them that I could then read another just as it metastasizes into a three-part special for the television. We’ll partake in it as it mirrors my actions mirroring yours. I am a new reality TV. I am shareware. I have outsourced my faith in western capital and turned it into a reading of eastern cultures. I smoke, and I scavenge free radical technology. I am a performer with an a—a push into two dimensions, resurrected up again as a plastic three with a perfectly ergonomic body. I am constantly present. A personal conflict delivered acutely by way of push notifications. Married—and then divorced—and then married again. I will never be a writer like John Updike, but maybe instamatic and bored like a camera the size of your hand. Barely seeing the need to read or write or speak, sometimes… sometimes I’d be magazines, records or movies. Sometimes I can maintain the illusion of autonomy, but my actions are always mediated. My honorary degrees are accountable to the conciliation of disparate parts into an incorporated whole. I’d throw away nothing: nothing because it all keeps on happening now. We’re here and then here and then here. I’d collate it all and call it a progression. When I go out I like to dance and when I dance I am better than the music. When I sit down in a bad restaurant the bad restaurant becomes an analogue for the wider world. When I sit down in a good restaurant the menu reads like the script of a classic film – something like Key Largo or a Welles moneymaker. I don’t care about the past but I continue to do favors for my biographers. I am the product of a second industrial revolution but I look idle behind the wheel. I look lazy but I drive faster than history and I tug provocatively on an electronic cigarette. Can you total art like a car? I am cruise control.

Mercedes Bunz,
Lucy Chinen,
Dominic Jaeckle,
Shama Khanna,
Mary Margaret Rinebold,
Ingo Niermann,
Michael Schindhelm,
Jenna Sutela
and Zing Tsjeng
played their part as the part-voice of Miss Information.


—Miss Information (MI) is a playful embodiment of information technology.
—MI coquettishly flirts with fiction and reality in order to unveil truths about the contemporary and influence the development of the near future.
—MI is a deep thinker, but speaks with an everywoman’s lightness and accessibility.
—MI deems personable accessibility to be a form of transparency, and a powerful agent of communication.
—MI suffers from multiple-personality disorder, but her heart is in the right place.
—MI is like the smartest Valley Girl you never met.
—MI is familiar with discourses and positions that claim her futurological age is dystopic and out of sync, but she is keen to make the best of the world.
—With a healthy dose of humour, MI sees the world’s cup as half full, rather than half empty; she enjoys dancing to the Algo-Rhythms that articulate her world.
—MI knows that more is more, but she still likes minimalism and clean lines.
—Looking for a New Modern, MI wonders as to its possible shape in the return to tribalism that her culture has created. She thinks hard about this, and what the signs of the times are signaling. She spends a lot of time reflecting on these signs.
—MI is certainly not uncritical of her time. She finds much to take issue with, but thinks that to make the most of it she should delve straight into the singularities of her contemporaneity.
—MI is a Cynical Poptimist.
—MI loves pop, but also has an extensive range of specialist passions.
—MI appreciates that entrepreneurial culture has been anthropoligised as the Holy Grail, and that momentary hedonism offers a counterpoint to the pressures of this.
—MI practices mediation for narcissists, to cope with the pressures of maintaining and broadcasting her DIndentitY.
—MI witnesses and is aware of the conflict over whether geography actually means anything any more, of terra firma versus terabytes: she doesn’t totally know what her position is on this.
—MI speaks her private thoughts out loud, to an audience whom she rarely meets, aware that her words will later be used as a historical record of her time.
—MI seeks personal resolution by searching for an ever-higher definition.
—Her digits may be digital, but MI is still looking to touch and be touched.

‡ Exhibition Notes

POLYMYTH x Miss Information is a project bringing together a range of creative practitioners to explore the narratives and grammar enmeshed in the technologically accelerated now. Scripting realities and using speculation as a tool, the project seeks to create and illustrate contemporary myths in order to think upon the present, using Miss Information as both a character and a strategy.

In an exhibition space narrated by the disembodied voice of Miss Information (whose dialogue has been sourced through an invited cast of ghost writers), contributors April Greiman, Pablo Jones-Soler, Metahaven + Holly Herndon and Pinar&Viola explore the magic realism of network(ed) culture. Amidst a cloud of data, propositions and multiple identities the project investigates the frictions within fluid systems, and mines the subtext of surfaces to excavate what might lie beyond.

April Greiman visualises an aspect of the MIS-infoscape of sea and air, Pinar&Viola proffers a more is more solution (and wardrobe) for the question of unconditional love, and Metahaven and Holly Herndon engages the complexities of avatar anxiety, all within an augmented interior designed by Pablo Jones-Soler.

Using diverse physical and immaterial media, tools and space, this accumulation of artistic strategies is designed to render a total artwork out of a sequence of independent pieces.

POLYMYTH x Miss Information is a project by Auto Italia, Marleen Boschen, Marianne Forrest and Justin Jaeckle in collaboration with: April Greiman, Pablo Jones Soler, Metahaven, Holly Herndon and Pinar&Viola.