Curriculum Vitae


PhD                ‘The Marketplace is the Louvre of the Common People:              
                         Critical & Commercial Value Systems
                          in the Early & Late Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson’
 Department of English & Creative Writing
                          Goldsmiths College, University of London
                                                                                    —2014 to

PGCERT         Associate Fellow (Higher Education Academy)
                         Department of Education
                         Goldsmiths College, University of London

MA                 ‘Modern Literary Theory
’ / ‘Comparative Literature’
Department of English & Comparative Literature              
                        Goldsmiths College, University of London—with Disinction
                                                                                    —2012 to 2013
BA                  ‘English & American Literature’

                        Department of English & Comparative Literature
                        Goldsmiths College, University of London—1st Class                                                                                    
                                                                                    —2009 to 2012


Magnolia or Redbud (Flowers for Laura Lee Burroughs)
With an afterword by David Keenan ...
(Tenement Press / John Cassavetes, 2024)
ISBN: 978-1-7393851-5-6

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36 EXPOSURESHoagy Houghton & Dominic J Jaeckle
An allaetory roll of film collating 36 photographs [H.H.]
36 texts and prose poems [D.J.J.];
with an afterword by Chris McCabe ...
designed and typeset by Ana Baliza
(Tenement Press / John Cassavetes, 2024; Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2021)

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Tenement Press  

Founder & Editor & Publisher / Books & Broadcasts


Dolors Miquel
translated from the Catalan by Peter Bush
El guant de plàstic rosa / The Pink Plastic Glove
Edited by D.J. Jaeckle (with S. Watts)
ISBN: 978-1-7393851-0-1
140 pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves
July 2023    
...    Forthcoming

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 Railroad Flat Radio : 
Tenement Press
& Prototype Publishing presents
a four-part serialisation of Palmer’s debut novel,
produced by Dominic J. Jaeckle & Milo Thesiger-Meacham,
and broadcast across a week in June 2023
(culminating on “Bloomsday”) ...

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Reza Baraheni

Edited by D.J. Jaeckle
ISBN: 978-1-8380200-9-5
11o pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves
May 2023    
...    Forthcoming

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 Railroad Flat Radio :
Tenement Press
A work-for-the-radio to mark the publication of Simone’s
debut collection, Palace of Rubble via a triplicate of airs
broadcast with Resonance Extra (produced by Dominic J. Jaeckle
& Milo Thesiger-Meacham); Simone’s PALACES was broadcast
in monthly installments, April through June 2023 ...

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Pier Paolo Pasolini
translated from the Italian by Cristina Viti
La rabbia / Anger
(with an Introduction by Roberto Chiesi,
and an Afterword by John Berger)
Edited by D.J. Jaeckle
ISBN: 978-1-8380200-8-8
170 pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves
December 2022

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Kyra Simone
with photographs by John Divola
Palace of Rubble
Edited by D.J. Jaeckle
ISBN: 978-1-8380200-7-1
170 pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves
October 2022

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 Railroad Flat Radio : 
Tenement Press
presents SJ Fowler’s MUEUM
A work-for-the-radio to mark the publication of Fowler’s
debut novella, MUEUM, a four-part serialisation of the novella
recorded for broadcast with Resonance Extra
(produced by Dominic J. Jaeckle & Milo Thesiger-Meacham); 
Fowler’s MUEUM was broadcast in monthly installments,
September 2022
through January 2023 ...

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Jeffrey Vallance
A Voyage to Extremes / Selected Spiritual Writings
Edited by J. Auman & D.J. Jaeckle
ISBN: 978-1-8380200-5-7
705 pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves
October 2022

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SJ Fowler
& Eley Williams
in SJ Fowler’s MUEUM
A work-for-the-radio to mark the publication of Fowler’s
debut novella, MUEUM, collaging and quilting found sounds,
field recordings, & readings from (and adjacent to) Fowler’s leaves.
64 minutes
(with an introductory exchange between Fowler and Williams)
First broadcast on Montez Press Radio
September 2022

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SJ Fowler,
MUEUM / A Novella 
 Shortlisted for the Republic of Consciousness Prize for Small Presses, ‘23 
Edited by D.J. Jaeckle
ISBN: 978-1-8380200-6-4 
149 pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves
June 2022

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Pere Portabella
Ona Balló Pedragosa,
Joan Brossa,
Jon Auman,
Lucy Mercer,
Joan Oliver (Pere Quart),
Stephen Watts,
Diamanda La Berge Dramm
Dominic J. Jaeckle,
 Salvador Espriu,
Agustí Bartra,
Aidan Moffat
Francesc Vallverdú,
Harmony Holiday,
Gabriel Ferrater,
Stanley Schtinter 
& Cameron Griffiths,
A work-for-the-radio to commemorate the First Popular Festival
of Catalan Poetry, held at the Gran Price Theatre, Barcelona, 1970
Curated, collated & produced by D.  Jaeckle,
in partnership with the Institut Ramon Llull & Films 59
60 minutes
First broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM as a part of
the London Bookfair’s 2022 “spotlight” on Catalan Literatures programme.
April 2022

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Yasmine Seale
& Robin Moger,

Agitated Air: Poems After Ibn Arabi
Edited by Y. Seale & R. Moger
with D.J. Jaeckle
ISBN: 978-1-8380200-4-0 
149 pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves 
February 2022 

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Stanley Schtinter
, et al,
John Akomfrah,
Chloe Aridjis,
Dennis Cooper,
Laura Mulvey,
Chris Petit,
Mania Akbari,
Elena Gorfinkel,
Juliet Jacques,
Ben Rivers,
Dan Fox,
Sean Price Williams,
Adam Christensen,
Stewart Home,
Stephen Watts,
Tony Grisoni,
Gideon Koppel,
Astra Taylor,
Miranda Pennell,
Gareth Evans,
Adam Roberts,
Tai Shani,
Anna Thew,
Xiaolu Guo,
Andrea Luka Zimmerman,
William Fowler,
Athina Tsangari,
John Rogers,
Shama Khanna,
Shezad Dawood,
Damien Sanville,
Stanley (& Winstanley) Schtinter,
The Liberated Film Club
Curated & collated & edited by Stanley Schtinter;
with D.J. Jaeckle & J. Auman
ISBN: 978-1-8380200-3-3
408 pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves 
October 2021

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Joan Brossa
, El saltamartí / The Tumbler
Translated from the Catalan by Cameron Griffiths
Edited by D.J. Jaeckle
ISBN: 978-1-8380200-1-9
333 pp / 140 x 216mm
Designed and typeset by Traven T. Croves
April 2021

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‘The Paintgrinder: Ralph Waldo Emerson
 & Karl Marx on a Horizon of Thought’
—Benjamin Pickford
& Dominic J. Jaeckle
Capitalism: A Journal of History & Economics
(Penn Press) 
4.1., Winter ‘23, pp. 9-43

Question & Answer /
on Tenement Press
In conversation with Daniel Davis Wood,
following SJ Fowler’s MUEUM, and it’s appearance
on the Republic of Consciousness shortlist, ‘23

‘Hopscotch Translation’s 2022 Publisher’s Forum’
Writing on behalf of Tenement Press, alongside...
3 Times Rebel Press;
Bitter Oleander Press
(A Publishing Project);
Fitzcarraldo Editions
Parthian Books
Sublunary Editions
Wakefield Press
& World Poetry Books
published online via the digital revue,
Hopscotch Translation

‘June 2nd (Veronica Lake, River Phoenix & Walden Pond)’
—Hoagy Houghton
& Dominic Jaeckle
An excerpt from 36 EXPOSURES
published online, The London Magazine

January 1st (Ruben A)’Hoagy Houghton & Dominic Jaeckle
The opening pages of 36 EXPOSURES published online

Dominic Jaeckle & Polly Barton & Mason Lindahl & Matthew Shaw
The second of a triplicate that sees an unexpurgated reading and reconsideration
of texts from
Jaeckle’s 36 EXPOSURES;
readings by Polly Barton & original music by Mason Lindahl & Matthew Shaw;
first broadcast on Resonance EXTRA (London), 05/10/21

A poem and installation—a cut-up collaginging material from
Laura Lee Burroughs’ works on flower arrangement for the Coca-Cola corporation...
commissioned for an exhibition at St Louis Lambert International Airport,

LONG VIEW (Curated by Marianne Laury), 09/21 ... 03/22

Dominic Jaeckle & Diamanda La Berge Dramm &
Matthew Shaw
The first of a triplicate that sees an unexpurgated reading and reconsideration
of texts from
Jaeckle’s 36 EXPOSURES;
readings by Diamanda La Berge Dramm & original music by Matthew Shaw;
first broadcast on Resonance EXTRA (London), 22/02/21

‘VERSE & CHORUS’Nadia de Vries & Dominic Jaeckle
An exquisite corpse of cuts from de VriesI FAILED TO SWOON
& Jaeckle’s 36 EXPOSURES;
stitched together into place with found sounds & original music by Matthew Shaw;
with readings from (in order of appearance) ... 

Nadia de Vries +
Cíntia Gil +
Diamanda La Berge Dramm +
 Mark Lanegan + 
Stanley Schtinter +
Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset +
Becket Flannery;
first broadcast on Montez Press Radio (New York, New York), 29/01/21;
second broadcast, Rewire Festival (The Hague, The Netherlands), 05/21

‘ERGOSFERA’Cíntia Gil & Dominic Jaeckle
(appearing as alguien más / Someone Else)
in ¿Qué será del cine? Postales para el futuro,
(eds.) Cecilia Barrionuevo & Marcelo Alderete, pp.  90-94.
A publication produced for Mar Del Plata Film Festival

‘February 3rd’Hoagy Houghton & Dominic Jaeckle
An excerpt from 36 EXPOSURES
in prototype 2An annual anthology of new writing, pp. 35-39.
(prototype, 2020)

15oo Bridges
‘The World is a Mill ’
[after Angenor de Oliveira] /

‘All Day Long I Feel the Tide Rocking ’ /
‘Pink Roses’

in Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities—Amsterdam, (ed.) Nadia de Vries, pp. 61-85.
(Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2020)

‘Adrian Sends me a Photograph ... ’

An afterword to Adrian Bridget’s novel Treatment, pp. 170-184.
(Published and commissioned by the author, 2019)

‘On Emblematic Stars & the Head of a Bull ... ’
A piece-in-fragments for the online series ‘The Travelling Europe’,

‘The Complicated Rings of Saturn’

A text partnered with two paintings by Harley Lafarrah Eaves
(for an online exhibition called B-Sides)
Rick Banger Gallery

On Entertainment
D.H. Lawrence: Technology & Modernity, pp. 203-217.
(ed.) Indrek Männiste (Bloomsbury, 2019)

‘(I’m Looking for a Model for a Novel) Public Domain’
A reading (by Jon Auman) of the monologue in full;
broadcast on Resonance 104.4FM’s ‘New Works for Radio’.

—A Void #2 (Morbid Books, 2018)
From (I’m Looking for a Model for a Novel called) Public Domain

Review 31 Fiction Roundup, 2017
—On Sam Riviere’s Safe Mode (Test Centre, 2017)

The Ape of Intimation: A Fay Wray for every King Kong
Cob Gallery & Studio, London
Catalogue Essay
‘Jason Shulman: Some Works’

‘Bad Science’

Cob Gallery & Studio, London
An interview with Jason Shulman
First published in Hotel #4; co-published by the gallery.


In Defense of Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales (2007)
Little White Lies                    
Published on the occasion of the film’s 10th Anniversary

Review 31 Fiction Roundup, 2016.
On Alejandro Zambra’s Multiple Choice (Granta)

‘American Caesar’
Some Associative Notes on Bruce Springsteen in a Big Sedan
Minor Literature[s]
Writing Letters to Lew
Minor Literature[s]
(Co-published by Cherry & Martin Galleries, Los Angeles, CA)
A broken-interview with self-proclaimed  “photo-conceptualistLew Thomas
‘Four Remarks of Color & A Yellow Crescent Moon
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland   
A comissioned prose-poem recorded for live radio-broadcast;
[A Radiophrenia project, curated by Hoagy Houghton]

‘Fallen to the Rank of Adjective: On Benjamin Fondane
3:AM Magazine
On two new translations of old works by
Benjamin Fondane...
i.  Cinepoems & Others (New York Review Books, 2016)
ii. Existential Monday (New York Review Books, 2016)

‘Avenue Montaigne
Minor Literature[s] 
Excerpted from (I’m Looking for a Model for a Novel called) Public Domain

‘The Reverse of Don Quixote
Nexus: The International Journal of Henry Miller Studies
Vol. XI., pp. 133-149.
(ed.) J. Decker

Poor Quartets
3:AM Magazine
On Thomas Bernhard’s Goethe Dies (Seagull Books, 2016)
I Can Only Speak for Myself
3:AM Magazine
On Robert Walser’s Looking at Pictures (New Directions, 2015)

Review 31 Fiction Roundup, 2015.
On Nathalie Léger’s Suite for Barbara Loden(Les Fugitives)

Vicarious Autobiography’
Review 31
On John Berger’s Portraits, ed. Tom Overton (Verso, 2015)

Kant’s Tulips / Clarice’s Mystery
Review 31
On the Complete Stories (New Directions, 2015)

Showing & Telling: Penetrating Fantasy
3:AM Magazine
On Brandon Hobson’s Desolation of Avenues Untold (CCM, 2015)

Signalling Posterity: The Fiction Writer’s Journalism
Review 31
On Edouard Levé’s Newspaper (Dalkey Archive Press, 2015)

A Theatre of Others
Review 31
On Simon Critchley’s Memory Theatre (Fitzcarraldo Ed.,, 2014)

Polymyth x. Miss Information
, London
Miss. Information; a multiple-personality, written by...
Ingo Niermann +
Mercedes Bunz +
Lucy Chinen +
Shama Khanna +

Mary Margaret Rinebold +
Michael Schindhelm +
Jenna Sutela +

& Zing Tsjeng
[Soudtracked by Pierre LX]
The exhibition was curated by Autoitalia & Justin Jaeckle

Works by...
April Greiman +
Pablo Jones-Soler +
Metahaven +
Holly Herndon +
Pinar & Viola

‘Wild Rabbit: Henry Miller’s Ekphrastic Anxiety’

Nexus: The International Journal of Henry Miller Studies
Vol. X., pp. 3-31, (ed.) J. Decker

‘The Cosmological Eye & the River Through
Nexus: The International Journal of Henry Miller Studies
Vol. IX., pp. 65-81, (ed.) J. Decker

‘Goodnight you Dogs’ [EP]
Four sentimental songs,
released digitally by A Future Without

et Cetera...

‘On Craquelure: Publication as Philosophical Project’ 
/ Experimental Seminar Series (Philosophy & Literature) / Ifilnova
—Colégio Almada Negreiros, NOVA Institute of Philosophy 
Lisbon, Portugal 


Bristol Poetry Institute / Catalan Showcase
The Institut Ramon Llull presents a bilingual reading of
works by poets Xavier Mas Craviotto, Jaume C. Pons Alorda,
Míriam Cano, & Eduard Escoffet (with Dominic J. Jaeckle & Peter Bush)
Will’s Memorial BuildingUniversity of Bristol, Bristol


Sant Jordi USA
A bilingual, pre-recorded suite of poems from
Dolors Miquel’s Tenement title
El guant de plàstic rosa / The Pink Plastic Glove
(with contributions from Dolors Miquel, Peter Bush, & Nadia de Vries)
Online /


Tenement Press
presents Pier Paolo Pasolini’s La rabbia / Anger
An evening to mark and celebrate a publication
of the Tenement edition;
reading alongside translator Cristina Viti,
with introductions from Katia Pizzi and Gareth Evans
—The Italian Cultural Institute
, London


Writer’s Kingston / #58
An evening celebrating the work of poet Stephen Watts;
reading alongside Watts,
Cristina Viti,
Rory Cook,
SJ Fowler,
Adriana Diaz Enciso,
Chris Gutkind,
& Vicki Kaye
—Kingston University
, Townhouse, London


Tenement Press
at the Small Publisher’s Fair
An afternoon reading from Tenement’s titles of MMXXII;
SJ Fowler
, reading from MUEUM (Tenement #4);
Kyra Simone
, reading from Palace of Rubble (Tenement #6);
Cristina Viti, reading from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s La rabbia / Anger (Tenement #7)
—Conway Hall
, London


MUEUM Hours 
An evening celebrating Tenement’s 2022 publication of
SJ Fowler’s debut novella, MUEUM, featuring readings from Fowler,
Iain Sinclair + 
Chloe Aridjis + 
Chris McCabe
(with introductions by Gareth Evans).
—Brick Lane Bookshop
, London


Launching Kyra Simone’s Palace of Rubble
& Emmalea Russo’s Confetti
An evening celebrating Tenement’s 2022 publication of
Simone’s collection, Palace of Rubble, & Russo’s Confetti (Hyperidean Press), 
with readings from (& conversations between),
Kyra Simone +
Emmalea Russo +
Daniel Poppick
—McNally Jackson (Seaport), New York


ON Yasmine Seale & Robin Moger’s Agitated Air : Poems After Ibn Arabi
An online event to mark and celebrate Tenement’s 2022 publication
of Yasmine Seale & Robin Moger’s collaborative collection, Agitated Air,
with readings from (& conversations between),
Yasmine Seale +
Robin Moger
Marina Warner
Beatrice Bottomley
—The Warburg Institute
, University of London


After Joan Brossa’s Tumbler 
An evening celebrating Tenement’s 2021 publication of
Joan Brossa’s El saltamartí / The Tumbler
(translated from the Catalan by Cameron Griffiths),
featuring readings and reminiscences from;
Cameron Griffiths +
John London,
and a reading of a new, commissioned work from Stephen Watts,
in response to Brossa’s writings and contexts.
—The Centre for Catalan Studies / Queen Mary
, University of London


The Liberated Film Club
An evening celebrating Tenement’s 2021 publication of Stanley Schtinter’s
edited anthology The Liberated Film Club, featuring an introduction
by Stephen Watts ahead of a screening of  
(1990), a film directed by György Fehér.
—Close-Up Film Centre
, London


Amsterdam—Dostoyevsky Cities—Vitamin D
Dostoyevsky Wannabe Intervention

Reading alongside Christodolous Makris +

Lucia Dove +
Diamanda Dramm +
Helena Grande +
Divya Nadkarni
to celebrate the publication of (editor) Nadia de Vries,
Amsterdam (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2020)
Splendor, Amsterdam

I will show you the life of the mind (on prescription drugs)
Dostoyevsky Wannabe Intervention

Reading alongside Christodolous Makris +

Jessica Sequeira +
Russell Bennetts +
Paul Hawkins +
SJ Fowler
to celebrate the publication of Fowler’s collection
I will show you the life of the mind (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2020)
Toriano Meeting House, London

I will show you the life of the mind (on prescription drugs)
Dostoyevsky Wannabe Intervention

Reading alongside Christodolous Makris +

Jessica Sequeira +
Andrew Hodgson +
James Davies +
Russell Bennetts +
Paul Hawkins +
SJ Fowler
to celebrate the publication of Fowler’s collection
I will show you the life of the mind (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2020)
Rich Mix, London

this is no longer entertainment
Dostoyevsky Wannabe Intervention

Reading alongside Colin Herd +

Nadia de Vries +
Joanna Walsh +
Christodolous Makris
to celebrate the publication of Makris’ collection
this is no longer entertainment (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018)
The Workman’s Club, Dublin

Reading (with Nadia de Vries)
DCU, Dublin

Afterlife of the Object
European Summer School in Cultural Studies
Convened by Carol Mavor & Rune Gade

(I’m Looking for a Model for a Novel called) Public Domain’ Video Essay
University of Copenhagen

The Balassi Institute Hungarian Literature Series: On Attila József

A collage reading with Serena Braida & Han Smith
—The Hungarian Cultural Instute, London


All Day Long I Feel the Tide Rocking
A response to the works of Erich Fried

A commissioned piece for the Illuminations series:
(VI): Celebrating Seven Anglo-Austrian Writers of the Twentieth Century
—Austrian Cultural Forum, London

January 1st
A collaborative photo-text by D. Jaeckle & H. Houghton

‘Phoetry/Poetography/Photographic Literature’ [An Exhibition]
The Museum of Futures / Kingston Writer’s Centre, London
A group show curated by SJ Fowler
[February 21st to March 5th 2019]


Speech Acts for Resonance
Reading from ‘I’m Looking for a Model for a Novel Called Public Domain’
A fundraiser for the radio station Resonance 104.4FM

— Iklektik Art Lab, London Alongside readings from...
Rachael Allen +
Edward Doegar +
Rakaya Esime Fetuga +
Liliane Lijn +
Abondance Matanda +
Martha Sprackland +
Tony White

Literary Laboratory
Agustín Fernández Mallo +
Thomas Bunstead + Isabel Waidner
Readings & a Roundtable
Hotel (with The Goldsmiths Writer’s Centre & Goldsmiths Prize)
—Goldsmiths College, University of London


On ‘Hotel’
Lecturette and Seminar Discussion
—University of Nottingham


‘Fictions’—Adrian Bridget in Conversation

A conversation with the author
[Alongside readings from his first fictions, Texts that shouldn’t be Read Out Loud]

—South London Gallery, London

Chasing America: American Art & Text
Real Estate: Place & Possession in the Thoreauvian Wild
Video Essay
—The Courtauld Institute of Art, London    

Borders of the Visible: Literature & Photography
Real Estate: Place & Possession in the Thoreauvian Wild
Video Essay
—Centro Arti della Modernità, Turin  

H.D. Thoreau from Across the Pond
Real Estate: Place & Possession in the Thoreauvian Wild
Video Essay
—École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Hotel, Little Island Press & Locomotrix present...
Readings to launch Lish’s White Plains: Pieces & Witherlings...
Claire-Louise Bennett +
Will Eaves +
David Hayden;
& a pre-recorded lecturette from
Gordon Lish.
[Chaired by
David Winters]
Housman’s Radical Booksellers, London

Ecology, Economy, & Cultures of Resistance

Reebok Classic: A Short Film about Emersonian Inequality
Video Essay
IASH, University of Edinburgh

The Billboard Hot 100

A one-day installation of projected poetry.
Collage works based utilizing ranking songs on the “Billboard Hot 100”

[With the artist Joshua T. Howell, for the group show G-Cadd #9]
—Granite City Art & Design District, Granite City, IL, U.S.A.

Visual Pleasure(s): Acts of Looking in Critical Cultures

A day of papers and screenings on the works of Laura Mulvey
Laura Mulvey
‘Amy!’ dir. Laura Mulvey & Peter Wollen (1980) +
‘Crystal Gazing dir. Laura Mulvey & Peter Wollen (1981)
[Introduced by Laura Mulvey and Oliver Fuke]
Goldsmiths College, University of London

On ‘A Handful of Dust’
David Campany in conversation
Goldsmiths College, University of London

‘Riddles of the Sphinx
dir. Laura Mulvey & Peter Wollen (1977)

A screening, introduced by Laura Mulvey
Goldsmiths Literature Seminar Curzon Goldsmiths,
Goldsmiths College, University of London

‘Film Philosophy ‘16’

Three Iterations of an American Tragedy
Video Essay
—University of Edinburgh


The Cultural Logic of Capital: Emerson, Literature & Circularity

A collaborative paper presentation with Benjamin Pickford

—CRASSH, University of Cambridge      

BAAS/IAAS Annual Conference, 2016         
The Singer Outdistances the Song: Emerson’s Ready-Made
Video Essay
BrANCA Panel
—Queen’s University, Belfast

Questions of Scale in Contemporary Criticism

Cultures of Efflux: Emerson’s Critical Paleonomies

—Ghent University, Belgium

BrANCA Annual Symposium    
Emerson’s Awkward Imitation  
‘Capital’ Panel
—University of Warwick
BAAS Annual Conference
How do you Contain Yourself? Emerson’s Photometry
Video Essay/BrANCA Panel
University of Northumbria, Newcastle

Lit Live, at The Peckham Pelican
Readings from
I’ll be Stahr and You be Kathleen
A Gob of Spit in the Face of Art
Thoreau was an Atlas or Responding to the Hummingbird
Video Essay
—Goldsmiths College, London
The Expanded Lyric
A Canary in the Mine: Marilyn Monroe’s Biographic Poetics
—Queen’s University, Belfast

Hotel—‘A magazine for new approaches to fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Founder & Editor & Bellhop

The Paper Hotel

An occasional pubilcation / a run of paper “rooms”


Hotel #7

Adrian Bridget, ‘Scenes from a Relationship with Images’
Antonio Tabucchi, trans. Elizabeth Harris, ‘The Heirs are Grateful’
Helena Gomà, ‘Casa l’Àvia’  
Nadia de Vries, Six Poems
        ‘Come to My Cremation’
        ‘Dominion Piece’
        ‘Puppy Season’
        ‘My Surfaces, My Services’
        ‘The Emperor’s New Noose’
        ‘None of My Powers are Secret’

Josef Winkler, trans. Adrian Nathan West,
        ‘Only With the Seeds of the Apple’s Core’
Greg Tate, ‘Alterd Spaydes, Fables of Harlem
          & the Quantum Black Mutation Movement’
Helen Cammock, (excerpts from) IDLEWILD
Frederic Tuten & Andrzej Żuławski,
          A cut from an unmade film,
Lily Hackett, ‘Bad Animal’
Percival Everett, ‘The Last Heat of Summer’ 
Alisha Dietzman, Three Poems
                                       —HOLY GHOST PEOPLE / ARS POETICA’
Joan Brossa, trans. Cameron Griffiths, Six Poems
        Retrat literari
/ ‘Literary Portrait’
        Pastures / ‘Pastures’
/ ‘Calligraphy’
        Punts suspensius
/ ‘Ellipses’
        Buit de poder
/ ‘Vacuum of Power’
/ ‘Dissection’
Manuela Moser, Three Poems (Clementine & Harriet)
        ‘Well, I’m not sure, what are you bringing to the party’
        ‘I manage to leave the art gallery unnoticed...’—
        ‘We thought to call it a collaboration’—
Sam Riviere
, Five Pages
        ‘Bob’s Jacket’
        ‘Bono Vox’
        ‘Bernhard Quotes’
        ‘Slavoj Žižek’
        ‘Fuck the Beginning’

Yasmine Seale, ‘Six (of a thousand-and-one) pages’
        Jeffrey Vallance, ‘Yahweh to Yahoo:
        Trying Not to Break the Third Commandment’

Raul Guerrero
, Nine Pages
        ‘I travelled to Spain ...
        ‘This is written to you ... ’
        ‘Inglewood, CA ... ’
        ‘San Gabriel Etla ... ’
        ‘Rarotonga ... ’
        ‘Look out the window, see the beautiful ... ’
        ‘Desire is the evil that persuades to not suceed in our life ... ’
        ‘To Many / To many things to do ... ’
        ‘The dream had no end ... ’
Mark Lanegan, Eight Poems
        ‘Black Rabbit’
        ‘In a Volcanic Field’
        ‘Sun in Scorpio
        ‘Disproven Theory’
        ‘Imaginary Ballet’

Rebecca Jagoe, ‘IT IS PROVEN’
        —Illustrated by Maud Whatley
Adrian Nathan West, ‘In Friesland’
Daniel Pellizzari, trans. Rahul Bery, ‘The world as it is, the living as they are’
Matthew Shaw, Five Poems
        ‘Shell ...’
        ‘Found ... ’
        ‘Spells ... ’
        ‘Time ... ’
        ‘Medicine ... ’

Sam Buchan-Watts
, Five Poems / TABLEAUX

Nathan Salsburg, et al, LOMAXIANA          
        in which Salsburg goes digging in the Alan Lomax Archives
        with Willard Watson, 

        Bessie Jones,
        Big Bill Broonzy
        Margaret Barry 
        & Eddie Sanger

Hélène Gaudy, trans. Jeffrey Zuckerman, ‘An Island / A Fortress’
Stephen Watts, ‘Light-Space: Diary Entries for Giuseppe Penone’s Felled Tree’
David Grubbs, ‘Good night the pleasure was ours’

& an epigram from Lucy Sante

         (eds.) J. Auman and D. Jaeckle


Hotel #6

Glykeria Patramani, ‘The Hare’
Imogen Cassels, Four Poems
        ‘Two types of the same return’
        ‘Sketch for a’

Will Oldham, Seven Pages
Diego Fonseca, trans. Ellen Jones, ‘Noise: Silence’
Hao Guang Tse [謝皓光], 
        ‘This morning I woke up with a quick laugh like the sun’
Geoffrey Mak, ‘Edgelords’
Astrid Alben, Five Poems
        ‘Collateral Damage’
        ‘The First People’

                    —for Marlene Dumas
        ‘Coping Strategies’
        ‘Words to Say it’
        ‘And God Became a Monkey’

                    —for Hannah Höch
Nathan Dragon, ‘Nebraska’
Sarah Boulton, ‘Three Pages’
Sascha Macht, trans. Amanda DeMarco, ‘Five Columns’
Hannah Regel, Four Poems
        ‘Making Sausages’
        ‘Mermaid Outing’

Andrew Lampert, ‘Twenty-Three and Me’
Lotte LS, ‘Synapses, Between’
Amanda DeMarco, ‘Other People’
Franz Kafka, in a translation of extant translations by
        ‘The Translation’
Hannah Williams, ‘Nacre’
Jen Calleja, ‘A Questionnaire’
        —an excerpt from a work-in-progress called THE ISLETS
Cass McCombs, Two Poems
        ‘A Public Mural’
        ‘The Truckdriver and Malverde’
Rachel Genn, ‘Dreamy Idiotic Visions of the Future’
Emmanuelle Pagano, trans. Sophie Lewis & Jennifer Higgins,
        ‘The Automatic Tour Guide’

Lauren Elkin, ‘Silent B’
Clemens Meyer, trans. Katy Derbyshire, ‘The Return of the Argonauts’

& an epigram from the Wayne Koestenbaum

       (eds.) J. Auman, T. Chadwick and D. Jaeckle


25 Rooms

Editor (with J. Auman and T. Chadwick)
A collation of 25 prose works and poems from Hotel’s rolling online catalogue
(Co-published by Hotel and Dostoyevsky Wannabe).

Rainald Goetz
(translated by Adrian Nathan West);
Kristín Ómarsdóttir
(translated by Vala Thorodds);
John Holten;
Leah S. Dworkin;
Lucy Sante;
Emma Mackilligin;
Kyle Coma-Thompson;
Gareth Evans;
Lauren Dostal;
Molly Gunther;
Joanna Rafael Goldberg
Helen Charman
Jessica Bonder

Rowan Evans
Jonathan Chandler;
NJ Stallard;

Anne Michaels
Jack Goldstein
Anna Cathenka
A.K. Blakemore
Luke Kennard
Adrian Bridget

Jess Cotton

Sam Weselowski

Nina Powles
& an epigram from James R. Hugunin



(with Cécile Menon; & co-published by Hotel and Les Fugitives)
A collection of newly commissioned texts and translations on-&-around
the subject of ‘debt’ (supported by the
Institut Universitaire de France)
Featuring works by ...
Noémi Lefebvre
(translated by Sophie Lewis and Natacha Lasorak);
Lauren Elkin;
Mathieu Larnaudie
(translated by Adrian Nathan West);
Selma Dabbagh;
Preti Taneja;
Sandra Lucbert
(translated by Jessica Spivey);
Jen Calleja;
Nicolas Bouyssi
(translated by Amanda DeMarco);
Joanna Walsh;
Thomas Clerc
(translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman)


Hotel #5

Isabel Galleymore, Two Poems
        ‘Spirit Animal’
        ‘The Future Tense Expresses a State that Does Not Yet Exist’

Aidan John Moffat, ‘Timeshare’
Georgia Haire, Two Poems
        ‘Washed Up’
        ‘Dark Meat’

Hélène Fréderick, trans. Jacob Siefring, ‘Tooth & Nail: A Credit History’
John Divola, ‘As Far as I Could Get’
Ralf Webb, Two Poems
        ‘Now I Really Am O.K.’
        ‘Travelling Alone is my Favourite Sickness’

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (芥川 龍之介―澄江堂主人),
        trans. Ryan C.K. Choi, ‘In Karuizawa’ (circa 1925)
Carla Maliandi, trans. Frances Riddle, ‘vreadthecastlesbeautiful’
Jenny Hval, trans. Marjam Idriss,
‘The Lighthouse’
Noémi Lefebvre, trans. Natacha Lasorak & Sophie Lewis,      
        ‘Doubts About Debt’
John Holten & Jonathan Monk, ‘A Number of Points Randomly Connected...’
Rachel Kass, ‘Babi Yar’
Nicolette Polek, ‘The Rope Barrier’
Raul Guerrero, ‘Menu of the Future’
Daisy Larfarge, ‘Throttle Song’
Joshua Cohen, ‘(Nine Notes from) A Diary’
Jack Underwood, Three Poems (after Mascha Kaléko)
        ‘Lovesong for Mascha’
        ‘In Mascha’s Room Plus Melancholy’
        ‘Last Song Mascha’
Stanley Schtinter, ‘We Have Come to Let You Out’
Lucy Mercer, Four Poems

Ariana Reines, A piece of ‘Miss St’s Hieroglyphic Suffering’
P. Adams Sitney, ‘The Narrative Voice of Moby-Dick’
        —A Distillation of
Prof. Meanie’s Discours
John L. Saul, ‘Not Being Leonardo Da Vinci’
Jeffrey Vallance, a scatological eschatology called
‘Holy Shit!’
Sophie Seita, an excerpt from a work-in-progress called ‘The Gracious Ones’
        —A Philosophical Ballet in Pieces  
Agustín Fernández Mallo, trans. Thomas Bunstead,
        —illustrated by Pere Joan, ‘That’s It?’
SJ Fowler & Iain Sinclair, ‘(After) Animal Drums’

& an epigram by photographer Sandro Miller

       (eds.) J. Auman, T. Chadwick and D. Jaeckle


Hotel #4

Rebecca Tamás, ‘St. Joan in Idaho’
Lucy Sante, ‘Dear Messiah’
John Yau, ‘Fortunes, Favorite Sayings & Assorted Sundries’
David Kishik, ‘Terms of Service’
Scott McClanahan, ‘Sarah #3’
Pascal Richmann, trans. Amanda DeMarco, ‘Smoke of the World’
James R. Hugunin, (Verbal Translations of) Famous Photographs’
Nona Fernández, trans. Ellen Jones, ‘Mapocho’
Jason Shulman, ‘Bad Science’ (the Artist in Conversation)
Bill Callahan, ‘Thirteen Letters to Emma’
Oliver Goldstein, ‘The Virgil Hunter Love Sequence’
Leah Sophia Dworkin, ‘Tuesday at Six?’
Vala Thorodds & Richard Scott, ‘Come (after Paul Verlaine)
Iris Smyles, ‘Phillip & Penelope in a Variety of Tenses’
Serena Braida & Livia Franchini, Three (Reactive) Poems
        ‘On Complicity’
        ‘Your Mouth’
Veronica Scott Esposito, ‘Rothko Chapel’
Daniele Pantano, ‘Twilight of the Poet’
Hisham Bustani, trans. Maia Tabet, ‘Quantum Leap’
Carol Mavor, ‘Like Water in Water’
Mark Kozelek, ‘Yellow Kitchen’
David Lowery, ‘A Housewarming Party’
Joanna Rafael Goldberg, ‘Moonlet’       
& an epigram by “Britain’s Most Isolated Cartoonist,”
Jonathan Chandler

       (eds.) J. Auman, T. Chadwick,  J. Dunn and D. Jaeckle


Hotel #3

Martin Jackson, ‘It’s really very easy to do these days ... ’
Nick Cave, ‘Four Cities’ (Selections from The Sick-Bag Song)
Duncan White, ‘After the Crash’
Juliet Escoria, ‘West Virginia to New York’
Jasmine Parker, ‘Mass-Produced Poetry’
Hanya Yanagihara, in conversation with Holly Brown
Kim Sherwood, ‘Travelling in Grey Space’
Gordon Lish, Four Stories
        ‘Didn’t we just Hear Something Humanish Fall?’
        ‘Joke-Time, or that other word, Jape’
        ‘Make Night : Heidegger’
        ‘Bamford or Bust!’
Rowan Evans, Four Poems
        ‘Seventy Two’
        ‘Tourist Song’
        ‘Hyrule Theory’ 
Owen Booth, ‘The War’
Frederic Tuten & José Antonio Suárez Londoño, ‘July’
Imogen Reid, ‘Waiting Rooms’
Mark Kozelek, ‘Common as Light and Love are Red Valleys of Blood’
Jack Robinson, ‘Eternal City’
Aram Saroyan, ‘Initiator’   

& an epigram by artist Olivier Castell

       (eds.) J. Auman, T. Chadwick,  J. Dunn and
D. Jaeckle


Hotel #2

Holly Pester, ‘This big bit cradle’
Wayne Koestenbaum, ‘#2 (elegant toplessness stoned in stairwell)’
Mary Margaret Rinebold, ‘Beige’
Linh Dinh, ‘No Soup for You’
Ingo Niermann, ‘The Kappellmeister’
Thom Andersen, ‘Statements’
Julia Drescher, ‘Collages’
Victoria Manifold, ‘Asleep’
SJ Fowler, Three Poems
        ‘Truncatus Tractatus’
        ‘Fancy Thoughts’
        ‘I Called Ciara Allen’s Swamp Monkey for Years’

Alice Butler, ‘A Love Letter to a Klepto’
Will Eaves, ‘The Class of all Unthinkable Things’
Nicole Mauro, ‘Superzer0ic’
Amanda DeMarco, ‘Minor Episodes’     
& an epigram by Joshua T. Howell                

       (eds.) J. Auman, T. Chadwick,  J. Dunn and D. Jaeckle


Hotel #1

Will Eaves, ‘Greenery’
Jon Auman, ‘Two Introductions’
Duncan White, selections from
‘Pink Ice Cream’
Tyler Malone, ‘Sometimes he Left Messages in the Streets’
Jane Yeh, selections fromThe Ninjas’
Erica Baum, ‘An Accumulation of Information...’
Matthew Gregory, ‘Rooms’
Eley Williams, ‘The Alphabet’
Jess Cotton, ‘Notes on the Pink Hotel’
& an epigram by Mat Riviere              
        (eds.) T. Chadwick,  J. Dunn and D. Jaeckle

07/2016 ( & on.. .)


        A rolling archive of poems, prose-works, interviews essays and excerpts.        

        See here for works in order of appearance.    

Tyrant Hotel

A short-lived magazine-for the-ears, co-edited with Jordan Castro.
Something of a tribute to John Giorno’s “Dial-a-Poem” project (as 2018 marked its fiftieth anniversary).
Tyrant Hotel sees literary outfits
NY Tyrant and Hotel collaborate and collate
unexpurgated readings and writings by authors and poets recorded straight to smartphone.

See here.

Available on Apple podcasts here.

Tyrant Hotel #3 – ‘Mother Pig (Opposing Disneyland)’ [61:05]

                Broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM on March 12th, 2019

Iain Sinclair, ‘Animal Drums’ [Prompt Note]
Lily Hackett, ‘Seabird’
Brad Phillips, ‘Mom & Dad’ (Deleted Scenes)
 Frederic Tuten, ‘Rimbaud in the Kitchen’
Ashton Politanoff, ‘She had Wanted to be Closer to the Ocean’
Isabel Waidner, ‘War Crybabies’
David Keenan, ‘Bible Time’
Vi Khi Nao, ‘Human Camouflage’ 
SJ Fowler,
‘Animal Drums’ [Reprise]


Tyrant Hotel #2 – ‘Thirty Aught Six’ [26.39]

Christalla Fannon, ‘Paper Thin Hotel’ (L .Cohen, 1977)—(An introduction);
Scott McClanahan
, ‘Nicky’
Juliet Escoria
, ‘Roadkill’

Tyrant Hotel #1 – ‘Nicole Kidman vs. Apollo’ [55:01]

                 Broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM on October 4th, 2018

Kristen Iskandrian, ‘I feel like Garbage’ (an introduction)
Nicolette Polek, ‘The Rope Barrier’
Kristen Iskandrian, ‘As I Lay (Imagining I’m) Dying’
Luc Sante, ‘The Unknown Soldier’
Chelsea Hodson, ‘To a Duck in the Garden of Ninfa’
Wayne Koestenbaum, ‘thick book on mother-shelf ...’
Eley Williams, ‘Collect’
Kathryn Scanlan, ‘The Candidate’

Tyrant Hotel #1‘Literally Starving Ghost’ [30:13]
Kristen Iskandrian, ‘I feel like Garbage’ (an introduction)
Nicolette Polek, ‘The Rope Barrier’
Kristen Iskandrian, ‘As I Lay (Imagining I’m) Dying’
Lucy Sante, ‘The Unknown Soldier’
Chelsea Hodson, ‘To a Duck in the Garden of Ninfa’

Editorial (with Others)

2022/ Present
(Freelance Proofreader)

Fitzcarraldo Editions, London  

Mark Kozelek, Nights of Passed Over II
, 2010-2019

Editor (with Mark Kozelek)
Caldo Verde Records, San Francisco

Adrian Bridget, Treatment: A Novel

Editor (with Christophe Chauvet)

(Project Editor)

Architectural Association, London  


2017 / 2021
Associate Tutor : Seminar Leader
Modern American Fiction
Department of English & Creative Writing
—Goldsmiths College
, University of London